9 thoughts on “ Breakfast At The Edge Of Hell ”

  1. Turamar says:
    The 46th Halloween season tradition of visiting the Edge of Hell is underway in Visitors go through the depths of hell in this multi-story haunted house. The haunt features phobias and a five-story fright from heaven to hell plus the world’s record, longest, living snake.
  2. Tagore says:
    Last night I took my son and 4 of his friends to the West Bottoms so the boys could experience the " #1 in the World" haunted house called the Edge of Hell- and Hell is such an appropriate description. They waited in the "pay at the door" line for 3 hours and 15 minutes- long enough to fly to LA and see a real haunted house. Hot tip- pay the 3/5(18).
  3. Gocage says:
    Time is running out for your chance to experience scaring the right way – full throttle on the phobias at Edge of Hell Haunted House. Home Tickets Calendar Map Images Attractions Events Media Q&A Partners The Beast Haunted House. Edge of Hell Haunted House. Macabre Cinema Haunted House.
  4. Daihn says:
    20 reviews of Edge of Hell Haunted House "This is the best haunted house I've been to. However, that doesn't mean it's great, it just means that all the others really suck. Edge of Hell is in a warehouse in KC. It is mostly dark, which I found to be the scariest part. Navigating up stairs and ramps and through a maze can be difficult in pitch black, especially when you're anticipating someone 3/5(20).
  5. Kagakinos says:
    Kansas City’s fan favorite haunted house, where it all started – Edge of Hell the original where there is no skimping on scary.
  6. Zurg says:
    The Beast Haunted House. Edge of Hell Haunted House. Macabre Cinema Haunted House.
  7. Daizuru says:
    Oct 28,  · The Edge of Hell was full of action and spooky rooms, but I wouldn’t rate it the scarier of the two haunted houses. After getting past the pitch black part of the maze, the rest excited me, but it didn’t scare me. If you enjoy five-story slides and rooms that will make you cringe, then you won’t regret going through this house.
  8. Mikalar says:
    Or it's breakfast in hell, boys Breakfast in hell!" East of Giant's Tomb there's plenty of room There's no fences and no walls And if you listen close you'll hear a ghost Down by Sandy Gray Falls.
  9. Arashira says:
    The Edge of Hell Haunted House is a converted five story warehouse that offers a quarter mile walk-thru of sensory stimulation with an old fashioned, high impact scare that is never ending high energy and right in your face. As you ascend into heaven to confront your sins, breathing a sigh of relief, you are sent down a five story spiral slide.

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