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  1. Telar says:
    A fifth stab wound was located between ribs on the left side of his abdomen with tracking missing all vital organs. A sixth cut to the scalp was superficial. The only serious injury was a stab wound to the left buttocks in which the knife blade entered the muscle but deflected off the hip bone traveling upward, nicking the left kidney.
  2. Maugore says:
    Stab wound is a specific form of penetrating trauma to the skin that results from a knife or a similar pointed object 1). The weapons of choice in the majority of assaults – both domestic and ‘on-the-street’ include lock knives, sheaf knives and kitchen knives.
  3. Nezil says:
    Stab Wound. A stab wound usually causes a small opening at the skin, but may go very deep. As a result, nerves, tendons, blood vessels, and organs can be injured. Your exam today did not show injury to any deep organs or tissues. But a deep injury may not always be found during the first exam.
  4. Kazikasa says:
    Sep 16,  · Deeper stab wounds require long term treatment and follow-up care outside of the emergency room setting because the body will require more time to heal from the trauma. With a stab wound to a sensitive area, such as the abdomen or back, the injury may cause additional complications or infections that require other treatments. Follow-Up Care.
  5. Kazralar says:
    characteristics of stab wounds Epigastric stab wound. Source: Dr Michael Surgrue, Trauma Service, Liverpool Hospital Stab wounds are incised wounds where the length of injury on the surface is less than the depth of penetration into the body, and are the result of a thrusting action, where the force is delivered along the long axis of a narrow, pointed object.
  6. Tygobar says:
    Sep 11,  · Two people were arrested after a fight outside of a pub in Bodmin last night (September 10). The incident which took place, saw Multiple police .
  7. Turg says:
    Jun 03,  · A stab wound will require a treatment that is conclude from what causes the injury and what size is the stabbing object. This is also to conclude how far the stab wound may affect the internal tissues. People are rarely dead because of merely the stab wound. Further complications such as profuse bleeding and infection are more possible culprits.
  8. JoJojas says:
    stab wound: a puncture wound produced by the stabbing motion of a knife or similar object.

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